Barefoot Sunday October 27, 2019

3 Mar

Barefoot Sunday returns October 27 2019!

Two hard truths:

1)  More than 3 Billion people around the world live on less than  $2 a day.  Many don’t have shoes.

2)  We have more shoes than we need.  A survey revealed that   an average person has 17 pairs of shoes… but only wears three pairs regularly.


One Bold Action:

On Barefoot Sunday, October  27, 2019  from 10am-noon, Pleasant Valley Church  ( meeting at 5 Wade Ave.,) is collecting shoes that will help people in need in our community.  All sizes are needed.

If you are able, leave the pair that you came with, and consider going home barefoot.  This will help us to identify with, if even for a few minutes, the reality that the billions of others around the world face    every day.  In case you were wondering, it is NOT  illegal to drive barefoot!

The collected shoes will then be passed on to our partners in free clothing distribution.  Your donated shoes will be given out locally to those in need.

Giving guidelines:

  • please don’t give any badly damaged shoes
  • feel free to give more than one pair of shoes
  • We will also be accepting other clothing as well as Foodbank items
  • invite others to give
  • if you can, include a new pair of socks!
  • For more information, please contact the Church Office:   519-752-5336  or Pastor Terry